Nature's Earth Cosmetics is committed to producing a pure mineral makeup line that any women of any age can wear.


    Nature's Earth Cosmetics uses only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. Many women are rightly concerned about the products they use every day on their skin. A driving force in creating the Nature's Earth Cosmetics line was to educate women about the ingredients they use – and show that anyone can look naturally beautiful without compromising the health of their skin.

    Our mineral makeup is made from naturally occurring minerals that have been refined and FDA-approved for safe use in cosmetics. The light, luminous appearance of mineral makeup enables the beauty of skin's natural complexion to shine through, while weightlessly providing coverage.

    The ingredients in every Nature's Earth product are: Mica, Titanium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, and Ultramarine Blue.

    • Mica Minerals – oil-free, water-resistant ingredients that allow skin to breathe while adhering naturally.
    • Titanium Oxide and Zinc Oxide – add a natural SPF protection while soothing and calming skin conditions such as rosacea and redness.
    • Iron Oxide – Color Pigmentation
    • Ultramarine Blue – intense pigment made of powdered lapis, a precious natural stone.

    *We do Not use any minerals that are processed to nanoparticle size. And all of the minerals ingredients in Nature's Earth Cosmetics are of a coarse to fine particle size. No micronized minerals.

  • chromium oxide green

    What's OUT – ingredients not found in Nature's Earth Cosmetics

    Just as important as what we do use is what we don't – no harmful ingredients. Even some natural ingredients can cause reactions, and Nature's Earth avoids these so products are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

    Nature's Earth Cosmetics makeup does not and will not contain:

    • Corn starch – often used as a filler because it is inexpensive and will cause the product to have a shelf life. Also can cause allergic reactions including skin rashes and asthma.
    • Bismuth – this crystallized mineral is used in some makeups for its smooth qualities that make products glide on and imparts a sheen. However, it is a derivative of lead, and we will not use it.
    • Talc – this loose flyaway ingredient has some of the same properties as asbestos. Prolonged inhalation can cause lung problems, and we believe it has no place on a woman's face.
    • Chromium oxide green – used mainly in eye shadow colors and liners, this chemical is known to contribute to cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.
    • Carmine or cochineal – this crimson red pigment is derived from species of scaly insects that feed on various cacti.