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Thank you.... I really like the product:) I find it even stays nice after a jog at lunchtime!

It was so nice to learn about your make-up. My two sisters and one of their daughters use it and rave about it all the time. Of course I just had to try it. Oh my gosh, the compliments I get. A lot of you look so young, you look refreshed all the time. How come you always look put together? What can I say. . .I put it on in the morning and don't need to refresh it at all. I love it. So I thank you for being there for me.

Peace to your days,

I have "age" spots on my face and I was amazed at how well the concealer covered them. So I bought several items for myself and daughter. As we both use them I now needed to restock. And buying through the internet is so convenient too. Thank you for a wonderful product!

I really like the make-up and it is more economical than bare minerals. I really like a make-up that covers and feels light. My face doesn't breakout with these cosmetics and it covers my red face (a side effect from some medicine I took years ago).

Thank you so much

Your products are awesome! I am a low maintenance girl that has never worn heavy amounts of makeup. Your all natural product line has opened my eyes to a new world of beauty. I hardly even realize that I'm wearing anything at all. The versatility of the shadows, your personal touch (beauty makeover!!!), the eco-friendly ingredients and the affordability compared to brand name products raises Natures Earth Cosmetics above and beyond all others in my book. Your personal desire to maintain the integrity of the product you package yourself is admirable as well. I am now and forever will be, a loyal customer. Thanks!!!

I have been using Nature's Earth Cosmetics for almost a year....and I cannot express to Gale how amazed I am with the product that she has designed! I feel that my skin is becoming healthier by the day, the mineral and makeup combination is so light yet it stays in place the whole day long!! I love the different color options that are available, to be daily used the soft colors, or to be Bold and Daring, the fun, playful colors! Thank you Gale for being the amazing person you are, as a friend, and a customer:):)"