About Us

Nature's Earth Cosmetics is the ultimate mineral makeup. Made with only the highest quality all-natural ingredients, each shade is custom-blended to uncompromising standards. The result is healthy, luminous beauty for women of any age.

  • I believe the ingredients we put on our skin every day ought to be healthy, and I've worked hard to develop this natural line that looks beautiful.

    Natures Earth Cosmetic Gale GriswoldNature's Earth Cosmetics was established in 2007 by Gale Griswold, who has created a healthy line of all-natural, affordable mineral makeup for women of all ages and all skin types.

    Gale's creative and professional influences started at a young age. Both of her parents worked and owned beauty salons in Michigan for over 28 years. They were active participants in many pageants and competitions across the United States.

    After runway modeling in the eighties, Gale has enjoyed following her artistic passions in business over the years.

    Gale's goal as founder and formulator of this incredible makeup line is to offer a healthy, affordable and cruelty free product that adds to a woman's natural beauty. Educating women about cosmetic ingredients and their potentially harmful effects, has been a quest for her since day one. Gale has given women everywhere not only a healthier choice, but a naturally more beautiful one. "Discovering your own natural beauty and taking pride in what you put on your skin, is the first step toward a healthier, happier life," says Gale.

  • productspledge2What women love about Nature's Earth Cosmetics:

    • Looks & feels natural
    • Nature's Earth Cosmetics has a naturally accruing SPF factor
    • Finest all-natural, FDA-approved quality ingredients
    • No harmful ingredients
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Custom-blended shades in a range of colors
    • Non-drying formula warms up with skin temperature, blending in naturally
    • Less is more – high pigment concentration camouflages large or small areas
    • Safe for women with allergies or skin conditions – no dyes, preservatives or irritants
    • Fast, weightless application
    • Non-creasing eye shadows, makeup won't settle into fine lines
    • Water-resistant, stays on all day

    The line includes foundation, concealer, veil, blush, bronzer, glow and eye shadow in a wide range of shades, along with soft precision-cut brushes.

  • online shopping for makeupNature's Earth Cosmetics is committed to producing a pure mineral makeup line that any women of any age can wear.

    We believe in the purity of our products, and it is our goal to educate women about the ingredients they use everyday.

    Our products are never tested on animals. We will never give in to using toxic ingredients or fillers such as talc, bismuth, artificial dyes or corn starch.